Megan Vaughn, MA, LMFT 
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

The first step for personal growth and healing.

There are many reasons why you may be looking for a therapist.  I’m here to safely help and support you as we co-create lasting positive change in your life and your relationships. I believe that this holistic approach allows for rich, long lasting healing and growth.  


 Together, we’ll look at your feelings of depression, anxiety and/or your struggles in your relationships and establish new pathways of thought and action to create the life you want to live. You’ll experience healing, personal growth and a greater understanding of why you and those around you do what you do. Together, we’ll identify and explore what’s kept you stuck and uncover the life you deserve.

Stories from former clients:

  • I’m coming to therapy because my relationships with men are hard to navigate.  I feel lost and at a crossroads with how to navigate my relationship with my significant other.  I can’t relate to my friends and I feel insecure at my job.  I’m incredibly anxious and I just cant get things right.  
  • My ex-husband and I are battling about our kids.  Every week, it seems more and more overwhelming.  Dating as a divorced parent is near impossible. I want to take inventory at how I’m handing things and see where adjusting my own behavior can lead to my greater satisfaction in life. 
  • I’ve always been the “good girl”.  I listen to whatever my parents tell me to do. It’s time for me to take action and become the person I was destined to be. I want to learn to establish boundaries so that I can be happier and really uncover what my needs are.
  • I’m anxious and depressed.  I’ve thought about killing myself because the pain is so great. I really need someone to talk to, to work through the pain I’m feeling. 

Some areas of focus:

  • Relationship Difficulties

    Intimate relationships make us feel fantastic, until our needs aren’t being met.  Together, we’ll navigate the problems that have been established in your relationship and explore how to get what you’re needing from your partner.  Whether you come in to counseling together with your partner or individually (as one half of the overall picture), we’ll work toward creating positive change, healing and greater satisfaction in your relationship. You’ll develop new skills to listen and communicate more openly and clearly.  You deserve to have meaningful, positive interactions with your partner.  Together, we’ll explore how to establish or reclaim those feelings. 

  • Sadness, Depression
    Many times, people enter in psychotherapy because of a personal crisis.  If you’re experiencing sadness, not enjoying the things you used to, and/or feeling down more often than up, let’s talk. We’ll work to create new tools to cope with depression and anxiety to develop greater harmony in your life, personally and in your primary relationships. Together, we’ll explore the factors that keep you stuck in the depression loop and uncover your inner tools for positive change.
  • Stress, Anxiety
    Do your racing  thoughts keep you up at night?  Is your mind stuck in the past or in the future?  I’m committed to helping you navigate the tangled web that life throws at you. The therapeutic process can offer relief from the nagging, persistent anxiety you may be facing. Even if you’ve tried therapy in the past and are still struggling, we’ll look for creative solutions to replace the ruminating thoughts with a greater sense of peace and calm.
  • Women's Issues
    We as women are  expected to be so many things.  We’re known as nurturers, but who nurtures us?  I’m here to help you regain the balance between work, relationships and Self.  Whether you find yourself experiencing a quarter-life crisis in your twenties, a ticking-clock in your 30’s, or the pressure of family obligations in your forties, I will honor your voice and provide rejuvenating support that honors the female point of view. Together, we can explore your relationships (and how to find the right partner if you’re looking) to increase the balance in your soul. 


How long will our sessions be? 
Therapy sessions last for 50 minutes. Our initial sessions may go a bit longer if clinically necessary.

How often will we meet? 
For therapy to have the greatest chance at success, appointments are generally scheduled weekly.

How long do I need to be in therapy?
I believe that each individual is unique and that two people who come in for the “same problem” will differ in their coping skills and therapeutic work.  Some people tackle a singular issue in 8-10 sessions, while I’ve worked with other clients for years as we explore multiple and complex life patterns. At the beginning of our work together, we’ll discuss the potential length of services and maintain in open communication about it throughout your treatment.

What is a “Marriage and Family Therapist”?
A Marriage and Family Therapist is registered with the Board of Behavioral Sciences and holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology. I am licensed in Oregon (LMFT #T1360) and California (LMFT #93279).

 Where is your office?  And is there parking?  
In Portland, I'm located at: 820 NW 21st Ave., Suite B, Portland, OR 97209 - with plentiful street parking.
In California, I'm located at: 301 E. Colorado, Suite 522, Pasadena, CA 91101 - free parking at attached lot with validation.

What is your cancellation policy?  
Cancellations received 24hours prior to your appointment are acceptable; however, cancellations made with less than 24 hours will incur a charge and this policy is subject to change depending on each individual situation. Thank you for understanding.


Megan Vaughn Therapy
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